Power Conditioning Systems for Energy Harvesting Applications

Miniature power electronic interfaces (PEIs) are intended to address power conditioning for various types of low-power energy sources, such as battery cells or tiny transducers. Power density and light-load efficiency are important performance metrics of power converters, especially for low power applications. Miniaturization and system integration of the PEIs are heavily dependent on the required number and size of inductive and capacitive passive components. The sizes of passive components depend on the amount of transient energy storage.

We have introduced novel single-input and multiple-input bridge-less high-frequency resonant ac-dc step-up/step-down converters to efficiently convert arbitrary input voltages into regulated dc voltages. The topologies provide reasonably high efficiency from light-load to full-load condition, due to the elimination of switching losses and gating losses. Moreover, high-frequency operation of the converters allows miniaturization through using substantially smaller capacitive and inductive passive components.