Power Conditioning Systems for Energy Harvesting Applications

Miniature power electronic interfaces (PEIs) are intended to address power conditioning for various types of low-power energy sources, such as battery cells or tiny transducers. Power density and light-load efficiency are important performance metrics of power converters, especially for low power applications. Miniaturization and system integration of the PEIs are heavily dependent on the required Read More

Ultra-Light Power Electronic Interfaces for Micro-Robots

The power challenge for micro-robots stems from the fact that the most efficient micro-actuation technologies (electrostatic and piezoelectric) operate at high voltages. The output voltage of suitable energy sources including conventional chemical batteries, super-capacitors, fuel cells, and solar cells is generally less than 5V. Assuming that the typical driving voltage for electrostatic and piezoelectric actuators Read More

Hybrid Energy Storage Systems

In most of the electrified transportation systems, where only batteries are utilized as energy storage system, usually batteries are tailored for the power rather than energy. Present technologies do not provide a battery proficient of high enough power densities without over-sizing it. Moreover, battery lifetime can diminish drastically if it is subjected to instantaneous charge/discharge Read More

Integrated/Highly-Efficient Chargers for Plug-In Electric Vehicles

There are two different approaches, namely conductive and inductive charging, to charge plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs). Conductive chargers have hard-wired connection between the power supply and the PEI for charging, and usually consist of a power factor correction (PFC) AC/DC rectifier followed by a DC/DC converter. Inductive charging or contactless charging does not use wired Read More

 About PEHREL The research in the Power Electronics, Energy Harvesting and Renewable Energies Laboratory (PEHREL) is mainly focused on investigation, modeling, simulation, design, and development of the Power Electronics and Motor Drives Interfaces for a variety of applications including transportation electrification systems (i.e. electric, hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, more electric aircrafts, electric ships Read More