Dr. Shenli Zou

Power Electronics Engineer | Rivian Automotive

Shenli Zou received a B. Eng. degree from Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, in 2015, majoring in Electrical Engineering & Automation. Since 2015, he joined at the University of Maryland at College Park as a Ph.D. Student. His current research interests include design, control, modeling and system communication of power electronics converters for plug-in electric vehicle applications, as well as thermal management and magnetics analysis. He was the recipient of 2015 A. James Clark School of Engineering Distinguished Graduate Fellowship and 2015 Jimmy H.C. Lin Graduate Scholarship.

Currently, worked on 3.3kW Integrated Bi-directional Onboard Charger Project sponsored by NSF. In this project, he built and tested the prototype of interleaved totem pole PFC to 3.3kW. Also, he built and tested the prototype of CLLC resonant converter and increased the power to 3.3kW bi-directional in a closed loop. He is familiar with both simulation and hardware debugging, loss breakdown, magnetic components design, heat sink design and manufacture. Prior to this project, he did some research on miniature AC/DC high-frequency bridgeless converter. Shenli’s bachelor thesis was on “Design and Experiment Analysis for Double Pulse Test Platform”.

In his spare time, Shenli enjoys playing basketball and writing Chinese calligraphy.

MPEL | Dr. Shenli Zou